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Open at Microsoft - FluentUI.Blazor

Posted on 2024-02-22

Open at Microsoft

A few days ago, Vincent and I were lucky enough to be invited to Open at Microsoft.

Open at Microsoft is a weekly program for open-source enthusiasts. It features guests sharing their views on an open-source project. Thanks to Frank and Pablo we were able to record 3 video vignettes on FluentUI Blazor.

1. Getting started with the Fluent UI Blazor library

In this episode, we’ll explain the origins of the FluentUI Blazor library. We’ll talk about FAST, Web Components, Fluent Design and more…

2. Explore Fluent UI Blazor components

In this episode, we explore the wide range of components we offer. Through our demo and documentation site, we showcase our layout, form/entry and other categories. We demonstrate that all demo sources can be easily downloaded, and highlight some of the site settings you can experiment with. Finally, we take a closer look at the implementation of our demo site.

3. Scénario avancé avec FluentUI-Blazor

In this episode, we’ll be using the FluentUI Blazor library to discover the components that are commonly used. We’ll create a Registry page containing a modal confirmation dialog box.




If you find something out of the ordinary, let us know in the repo on GitHub, or Twitter / X.



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