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FluentUI.Blazor v4.7.2

Posted on 2024-05-03


We’ve just released a new version 4.7.2 of Microsoft.FluentUI.AspNetCore.Components. This version fixes some bugs detected over the last few days, but also adds a few new features.


  1. Integration of the ShowHover parameter to automatically underline the hovered line.

  2. Implement the MultiSelect option by adding an additional column named SelectColumn.

There are two ways of managing a SelectColumn.

These examples use a class containing :

DataGridSelectMode Mode = DataGridSelectMode.Multiple;
IEnumerable<Person> SelectedItems = People.Where(p => p.Selected);

record Person(int PersonId, string Name, DateOnly BirthDate) 
    public bool Selected { get; set; }


InputLabel: Orientation

As indicated in Fluent Design, a label must be placed above the input component to which it belongs. It also says: “Optionally, you can left-align labels if space is limited and fields are of a consistent type and width. Be careful when aligning labels on the left, as this can impair legibility.”

This option can of course be used in a toolbar, for example. To make it easier to place the label in front of the input rather than above it, an Orientation parameter is added to the component. By setting its value to Orientation.Horizontal (the default is Orientation.Vertical), the label is aligned in front of the component.

<FluentInputLabel ForId="s1" Orientation="Orientation.Horizontal">Select something</FluentInputLabel>
<FluentSelect Id="s1" Class="below outline" @bind-Value="@comboboxValue" TOption="string">
    <FluentOption id="option-15">Option 1</FluentOption>
    <FluentOption id="option-16">Second option</FluentOption>
    <FluentOption id="option-17">Option 3</FluentOption>


Miscellaneous corrections

The rest of the fixes and changes for this release are (again) quite a long list. We refer you to the What’s new page on the documentation site for a complete overview (including links to issues and change requests on GitHub).

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If you find something out of the ordinary, let us know in the repo on GitHub, or Twitter / X.



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